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ENGLOBE originates from the idea and the experience of a group of managers, operating since a long time in mechanical and automotive market.
ENGLOBE's inspiration comes from the matter of fact that packaging, in industrial context, is often reduced to pure attachment to the product; when to the product is dedicated 100% of creativity, project capability and development attitude (the best that a company can perform), to the packaging remains only few time and the minimum of resources.
On the contrary, ENGLOBE is convinced that packaging as well is worthy to be considered under a professional and steady approach: and we are ready to do it together with our customers.

ENGLOBE's operation consists of a preliminary stage of study and assessment, then the proposal of a project, and finally the supply of goods suitable for an efficient solution (also economically).

Project skills drive our thoughts, industrial experience our actions.


The concept of 4th dimension is generally referred to an extension of objects respect to the three traditional dimensions; above-mentioned extension, connotes the need of a further coordinate in order to univocally locate the position of objects in space.
Likewise, according to our concept, packaging is not qualified only by length, depth and height; the fourth dimension that we propose is the capability to aggregate the best projectual and productive skills available on Italian and abroad markets, and let them work together for our customers; Englobe is able to provide a network of qualified partners with the aim to achieve the best packaging solutions dedicated to industrial business, made with wood, carton board and plastics.
Selling products is only the final effect; our main objective is giving a meaning to our products once they are introduced in our customer's process, rationalizing timing and costs.

Thinking 4D pack, this is our added value.


Our packaging concept, within industrial market, is inspired to the TASK of packaging; its value dwells in the capability to give efficient and effective answers to customers' needs. From this thought arises the framework of our product range:

packaging for


  • Corrosion Prevention:
    • Anticorrosion pacakging - VCI
    • Barrier Film
    • Desiccants
    • Oilskin, coupled with ALU or VCI
  • Humidity and Temperature Prevention:
    • Coupled film with ALU and PET
  • Shock and Dirty Prevention:
    • Low density (PELD) and High density (HDPE) polyethylene,
    • Bubble film

packaging for


  • Single use:
    • One way pallets
    • Used EPAL pallets
    • Customized pallets
  • Re-usable:
    • EPAL pallets
    • Plastic pallets
  • Antislippery:
    • Antislippery paper and carton board

packaging for


  • Cardboard:
    • Boxes corrugated cardboard, double and triple wall
    • Cartonpallet
  • Wood:
    • Boxes, Crates, Cages
    • Collars
  • Polyethylene:
    • Stretch film manual and automatic (from 10 to 35 micron)

Anticorrosion Protection:

  • VCI – Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor.
    • Low density polyethylene (LDPE), thickness 50 to 150 micron (range OXIstop); rolls, sheets, flat envelopes, gusset bags, tubes
    • Paper one-side, two-sides, PE coated, crepe
    • Oils
  • Barrier film (triple layer) and Desiccants (range ETAdry); hoods, flat envelopes, gusset bags. Desiccants clay or silica gel.
  • Oilskin (coupled with ALU or VCI).

Humidity and temperature prevention:

  • ALU or PET coupled with bubble film or foam; hoods, rolls, sheets.

Shock and Dirty Prevention:

  • Low density polyethylene film (LDPE) or High density (HDPE) – range ETAfoil.


  • One way pallets, used EPAL, customized pallets.
  • Re-usable; EPAL pallets, plastic pallets.
  • Antislippery paper and carton board.


  • Cardboard boxes, corrugated double or triple wall; double flap, single flap with carton top, windows, carton pallet.
  • Wooden cases and cages, pine and fir, fork 2 sides or 4 sides.
  • Foldable crates, plywood or OSB.
  • Collar standard size (mm 600 x 800 x 200 and 1200 x 800 x 200) or customized.
  • Stretch film from 10 to 35 micron, hand or automatic use.


  • ITALY / Brescia: Low density polyethylene (LDPE)
  • ITALY / Vicenza: High density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • ITALY / Como: Cardboard and Polionda
  • ITALY / Bergamo: Pallet
  • ITALY / Alessandria: Wooden packaging
  • LITHUANIA: Pallet and Collar
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